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The college admissions journey is a challenge unlike anything teenagers have faced before. We help them conquer it and take their next steps towards a bright, limitless future.

We know you want to provide the best possible future for your child.

And though it’s probably hard to believe it happened this fast, it’s time to help your teenager win the college admissions game.

The problem is, it’s become clear this is a challenge unlike anything you’ve faced before. Here, in one of the most high-stakes moments of your teenager’s life, both of you face a mountain of unknowns about how this game works.

The questions you have about what could help or harm their application leaves you afraid of what you don’t know.

We believe your child deserves the chance to play the game on their terms and prove why they stand out from the crowd.

We know how complicated and overwhelming the college admissions process has become. That’s why we offer one of the most comprehensive college admissions consulting services in New England. We provide everything your student needs for a successful first ascent into a new stage of life.

Meanwhile, our boutique agency accepts a limited number of clients each year to ensure students receive strong, individualized attention every step of the way.

College girl holding her textbooks
Young man study in front of the laptop computer at home

Over the course of 12 months, we guide your student from standardized test prep all the way through the application process.

We also offer optional services as an experienced YouScience™ consultant to help them choose a career and bring focus to their search.

Along the way, we build strong relationships with students and use 20 years of experience and a proven consulting process to help 98% of them win admission into one of their top 3 schools.

Your teenager’s college search doesn’t have to be a negative, overwhelming experience.

In truth, it’s an opportunity for them to mature in incredible ways as they overcome the challenge. Give them the competitive edge they need to find their own voice, rise above other applicants, and take their next major step towards a bright, rewarding future.

Meet Our Team

Family photo of Kevin and Christine - college admissions consulting team

Kevin Crowell

Standardized Test Prep Coaching

As a nationally-certified SAT/ACT tutor by The Association of Test Prep, Admissions, and Private Tutoring (TPAPT), Kevin prides himself on the customized approach he carves out for each student. He takes a practical approach by meeting students wherever they are and propelling them forward towards their testing goals.

Formally trained by Kaplan Test Prep, he has spent 17 years refining his own proven methodology for standardized test prep which helps each student develop a personalized strategy for taking the test. He helps your student learn how to pace themself during the test, stay calm and focused, and believe they can succeed!

Christine Crowell

College Admissions Consulting

Christine is an Independent Educational Consultant having graduated with distinction from the University of California-Irvine. She’s also an IECA Associate Member (Independent Educational Consultants Association), an experienced YouScience™ Consultant, and draws on 20 years of knowledge and experience to guide your student to success.

She uses the skills she gained as a Senior Program Manager in Fortune 500 Companies to help students tackle the mountain of work involved in college admissions step-by-step. Students are held accountable to clear deadlines and high standards while also finding the support they need to overcome their fears and rise to the challenge.

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Your 12-Month Strategy for Mastering the College Admissions Process

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We treat your child as if they were our own.

The college admissions game is unlike any challenge you or your teenager have faced before. We guide students through the entire journey from test prep through the application process so they can rise to the occasion and stand out from the crowd.

Download our Free Guide:

Your 12-Month Strategy for Mastering the College Admissions Process

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