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Frequently Asked Questions

College Admissions Consulting

An Independent Educational Consultant provides a student and family with individual attention as the student navigates their college journey. IECs have specialized knowledge and experience of the current college landscape and the complexities that exist within the world of admissions. In short, we leverage learned techniques to allow your student to put their best foot forward during the College Admissions Process. 

With an IEC, your student has the opportunity to explore a wider variety of options and discuss possibilities in a meaningful way. We’re not tied to any specific school, and our guidance is available to your student outside of school hours and during the summer break. 

We pride ourselves on helping each student reach their full personal and academic potential while making the College Admissions Process a positive experience for the entire family. Nothing makes us happier than to see the unique transformation of each student from a confused, second-guessing teenager to a clear, confident adult who can advocate for themselves.

The College Admissions process is no easy feat. While some may think it is just a matter of writing a couple of essays and submitting a few applications, the landscape of college admissions has changed tremendously over the past decade. The world of College Admissions has become much more complex and competitive since many parents submitted their applications either handwritten or on a word processor (the horror). 

Coupled with that, what typically surprises parents in the process is how much things have changed since they went to school. They quickly realize they’re using outdated information to base their decisions. Additionally, there are many challenges to getting your teenager to act with urgency, which often leads to stress and arguments in families. 

While it is an investment, parents overwhelmingly tell us that the money spent on someone with a proven track record while keeping things peaceful at home was worth every penny.

We provide end-to-end, comprehensive services to our students inclusive of the College Admissions Consulting Process and Standardized Test Prep coaching to yield the best results for each applicant. 

Among some of the services we provide:

College Admissions Consulting

  • YouScience ™ Assessment and Review
  • Comprehensive College List
  • Academic Resume Creation
  • Class Selection 
  • Recommender Selection 
  • Common Application Essay Support (brainstorming to final draft – and everything in between)
  • Support for Supplemental Essays (dependent on schools applied to)
  • Second set of eyes review on all materials prior to application submission
  • Interview Prep & Waitlist Support

Standardized Test Preparation Coaching

  • Individualized plan based on assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • Customized approach based on student’s learning style
  • Conceptual Mastery (content)
  • Pacing Approach (strategy)
  • Testing Endurance (practice, practice, practice)
  • Opportunities for in-person, proctored practice test (local students only)


We offer various packages supporting different levels of engagement (and budgets) to serve as many students as possible.

We are a husband-and-wife team who work like a left and right hand to guide your student to successful admission. We take the time to get to know the student as a person and understand their dreams, aspirations, and fears – along with what motivates them. This allows us to bring out the very best in our students. 

With a solid track record of success for students (98% of our clients achieve admissions into one of their Top 3 schools), we encourage families to reach out and learn how your student can benefit from working with us.

Students work intermittently on the College Admissions component over a period of approximately 12 months. The process is broken down into chunks to allow the student to feel empowered (and not overwhelmed) with each milestone achieved. 

During the summer between junior and senior year, students should expect to meet weekly to maximize their progress over the summer. Of course, there is flexibility built in to allow for vacations, camps, or other summer experiences students may have.

While it depends on the scope of services supported and the type of engagement needed, we offer options to accommodate varying budgets. We conduct market analysis every year to ensure that we are priced appropriately for the services we provide. Generally speaking, high quality college admissions services in the industry can range from $5,000-$13,000. Families should be leery of lower cost services as those individuals typically have very limited experience and consider themselves to be experts. It speaks to the old adage, “you get what you pay for”.

Most families interested in working together reach out during the winter/spring of sophomore year to get more information. For those who may inquire later in the process – we keep a certain capacity available to fast track those students to allow them to catch up with their peers. We start with an initial, free consultation to learn more about your student and assess if it is a good fit for all.

Yes, there has been a shift with many schools seemingly moving to ‘test optional’ policies (mostly due to Covid-19 test accessibility). However, the truth is that getting into schools gets increasingly more difficult year after year.

A student who thoroughly prepares and sits for their standardized test of choice has a much better chance of distinguishing themselves from the pool of applicants and gaining admission into their top choice of schools.

Additionally, a strong standardized test score can open the door to merit money opportunities at some colleges and universities.

All sessions are conducted via Zoom. This allows for maximum scheduling feasibility for students who may have small pockets of time with all their other activities (i.e., homework, sports, work, etc.). This also allows us to support students regardless of geography.

Yes! Some parents – especially those going through the process for the first time – appreciate the feedback and idea generation that an independent educational consultant can provide to reassure families they are on the right path. It also provides an opportunity for students to understand ways in which they can make the most of their high school years. We offer one-time and quarterly consultations for families in Grades 9 and 10. Please inquire for more details.


Students who understand their aptitudes are empowered. They find relevance and a meaningful direction in school and beyond. And, YouScience™ Aptitude & Career Discovery is the only personalized aptitude-based college and career guidance solution available. 

Students simply take a series of brain games to discover their aptitudes, interests, and matching best-fit careers. Careers they never knew or thought possible. The program leverages over 50 years of data and proprietary algorithms that unlock career success. 

We are excited to offer the integration of YouScience™ with our students as we have seen it bring much insight for students who simply have no idea of their future plans. By reviewing the results and the connection to a variety of careers, students begin to open their minds to different opportunities and begin aligning their school choices to their potential target goals. 

This insight is invaluable as students start to get a directional sense of where they would like to focus. Parents get the peace of mind that their hard-earned money is well invested in a college education that will provide career and graduate school opportunities upon graduation.

Standardized Test Preparation

Yes! Students who enroll in Standardized Test Prep Coaching have sessions individually focused on their particular strengths and weaknesses with consideration of their learning style. Having sessions tailored to a student’s particular needs yields positive results for students willing to put forth the effort accordingly.

The Standardized Test Prep Coaching consists of 10 virtual, weekly sessions (1:1) leading up to the preferred test date. This allows students to build on foundational elements and ramp up their pacing and endurance skills over time. 

We often get asked for a ‘couple of sessions’ to prep a student prior to the test date. We do not support this approach as our experience has shown it does not garner meaningful results. When thinking about Standardized Test Prep, ‘slow and steady’ always wins the race!

Yes, this is a question we get asked all the time. There are resources at our disposal that allow us to help your student make an informed decision about which test would best suit them and their abilities.

We guarantee that our students will walk into their individual tests with content familiarity, a plan, and confidence in their ability – the building blocks of a great score. Unfortunately, we don’t provide any type of score guarantee.

Yes, we recommend that students take the exam of their choosing more than once to ensure the best score possible. With that in mind, we are committed to each student’s success and will partner with them for the duration of their journey.

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Your 12-Month Strategy for Mastering the College Admissions Process

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Download our Free Guide:

Your 12-Month Strategy for Mastering the College Admissions Process

By submitting this form, you consent to receive marketing emails from us. You can unsubscribe at any time.